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This site is not an official site for inData Corp., maker of TrialDirector. To go directly to their website, please click here. This site is operated and maintained by an individual who is certified to train and support TrialDirector, by inData Corp.

TrialDirector 6.x, 5.x or 4.x HELP!

Welcome to all things Trial Director! My name is Bob Meyers and I am here to help you! I am also your host for helping with all the features of Trial Director, related software and related services. I hope to eventually become the premier site for absolutely everything related to both Trial Director 5.x and the still very present Trial Director 4.x (which includes Deposition Director), as well as TimeCoder. To that end, I invite all solo practitioners, vendors, law firms and anyone else that has a vested interest in maintaining a warehouse of Trial Director-related information please contact me, as I am open to adding to this site as needed and/or necessary.


More importantly, I am:

I am not:

  • A Trial Consultant, certified or otherwise
    •        That basically means I do not go to trial for you and conduct the presentation
    •         I do have lots of professionals I can refer you to that will do a great job!

Copyright 2010 Bob Meyers

Any questions on anything at all, please feel free to contact me directly: bobmeyers@trialdirectorhelp.com

Or give me a call: +1 (424) 35-HELPU (424-354-3578)

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