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General New Features

  • Sleek, All New Presentation Engine - TrialDirector’s completely new dynamic display creates an unparalleled juror experience. New effects such as spotlights, reflections, and smooth transitions provides a more sophisticated, persuasive presentation.

  • Touch Enabled Presentations - Tired of clicking a mouse? TrialDirector 6 will operate on any touch-enabled laptop computer running Microsoft® Windows 7.

  • Works with Microsoft Windows 7 - TrialDirector is now supported on Windows 7, as well as XP (with SP2 or later) and Vista. TrialDirector 6 will also run in a Mac® Boot Camp® environment when using any of the aforementioned operating systems.

  • Citrix Support - Implementation options abound now that TrialDirector can run on your firm’s Citrix® server. Desktop virtualization through Citrix gives your firm’s users flexible, remote access to Trial-Director (per seat licensing continues to apply).

  • Streamlined Installation Process - Installing TrialDirector has never been easier or faster, with its streamlined virtual installation. This new method of installation leaves a minimal footprint on your computer, eliminating DLL conflicts and minimizing memory requirements.

  • Easier Mass Deployment - TrialDirector 6 Network and Enterprise licenses are now server-only installations that no longer require administrators to install a local file on each user’s desktop. Continue to save your firm time and money as one change at the server level instantly gives users access to TrialDirector updates.

  • Redesigned Help System - Leveraging Adobe® AIR® technology, TrialDirector’s redesigned Help system integrates a robust search engine, multi-tab support, a Favorites pane where you can save links, RSS feeds and much more.

New Features in Case Library

  • Pack-N-Go - Take your case to court easily with the new Pack-N-Go feature. Use this handy wizard to pack up your entire case, then simply unpack it on any other computer with TrialDirector installed (such as a laptop used for trial). In addition, you can use Pack-N-Go for situations that require you to relocate your case and data (i.e. a new network drive).

  • Reconnect Missing File Links - Avoid the tedious process of manually locating case files that have been moved from their original locations. The new Reconnect Missing File Links wizard identifies missing files and enables you to quickly reconnect them.

  • Mirror Mode in Presentation Preview (for use with dual screen monitors) - When you use the Presentation Preview feature, you now have the option of working in “Mirror” mode to display realtime changes on the Presentation screen. Rest assured that distracting toolbars won’t appear on the Presentation screen as you work.

  • Adding Items - Manually adding items to your case through the dialog box now requires fewer mouse clicks and allows you to view thumbnails or file details before you select the items.

  • Refresh Explorer - Instantly view any changes to the Case Explorer when you click this new button located just above it.

  • Two New Types of Workbooks - With the same ease with which you can create a Standard Workbook, you can create one of TrialDirector’s new presentation-ready formats: Carousel or MultiPlayer. (See “New Features in Presentation Mode” below for more information on each of these formats.)

  • Case Open at Startup - To save you time, TrialDirector now prompts you immediately upon startup to select the case you want to open.

  • Send Exhibit List/Trial Exhibit List to Word - Generate a Microsoft Word document listing all exhibits or trial exhibits for your case with only two clicks. Print it for easy reference or attach it to an e-mail, etc. as you prepare for trial.

New Features in Document Manager

  • Document Aligner Tool - Fixing crooked documents is a snap with the new Document Aligner. This tool saves time, eliminating the need to re-scan skewed documents.

  • Grid View Format with Column Sorting - Grid View is back and better than ever! The Document Manager Tab allows the user to view document information in a quick and easy grid format enhanced with shading. Users are able to sort and rearrange data columns to fit their style of working.

  • Print Grid View Format - With TrialDirector 6, users can now easily print the entire grid view or just selected records.

New Features in Transcript Manager

  • Save Searches - Save the keyword searches you perform on case transcripts to quickly pull up all results whenever you need them.

  • Print Search Results - TrialDirector delivers maximum flexibility, enabling you to print summary search or detailed search results to a printer, PDF file, Word document, HTML file or TXT file.

  • Clip Editor - The completely redesigned Clip Editor works the way you do. Added flexibility allows you to create new clips, add or remove sections of testimony, and adjust clip data all through one easy-to-use interface.

  • Close Multimedia Player - Maximize screen real estate by closing the Multimedia Player when you don’t need it.

New Features in Presentation Mode

  • Callouts and Annotation in Video - Want the jury to notice a deponent’s shifty eyes or that the traffic light was red in a surveillance video? Use the callout feature to magnify portions of still or moving video. Annotations allow for further emphasis.

  • Callouts and Annotations in Transcripts - Call out sections of a transcript to emphasize particular words and answers given by a deponent. Like documents, transcripts can now be annotated with TrialDirector’s arsenal of annotation tools, such as highlights, arrows, stamps, custom graphics and more.

  • Save Stage - Make the most of your time before the jury by saving the layouts of your exhibits ahead of time. Set up any combination of exhibits in different zones, annotate them as needed, and then simply select “Save Stage”. Then instantly recall each saved Stage when you’re ready to present to the jury. And unlike screen snapshots, this feature saves the layout of the actual exhibits, so that all elements are dynamic and can be manipulated once recalled.

  • Undo/Redo Stack - The new undo/redo buttons allow you to quickly reverse or reapply actions in Presentation mode.

  • Hotkeys - Work faster using keystrokes. Customize your own shortcut keys quickly and easily. Updated Graphics - TrialDirector 6 includes a new selection of modern and intuitive graphics for annotations, stamps, and more.

  • Carousels - Present exhibits effectively with the sleek new Carousels feature. When you create a Carousel Workbook, you can present its contents (images, video, documents, etc.) in revolving fashion, stopping as needed on each exhibit.

  • MultiPlayer Clip - Seamlessly present a series of clips from the same deponent or multiple deponents. Additionally, you can add documents and other items with video clips in a MultiPlayer Workbook.

  • Presentation Toolbar - The redesigned, user-friendly toolbar gives you complete control while you present your case, including:

    • Easier navigation using the improved foldering system and enlarged zone indicator.

    • Flexibility to move the toolbar to the secondary monitor in dual screen mode so the jury doesn’t see what you’re doing. The “floating” toolbar is even easier to use, with every presentation tool at your fingertips.

    • Ability to completely close the toolbar so the jury doesn’t get distracted.

    • Maximum customization potential. Customize the toolbar with only the tools you use for presentation. It’s easier to choose favorite tools and sort the order than ever before. Drag any tool to the new Quick Access Toolbar and the system will automatically remember your selections between sessions.

  • Easier Exhibit Navigation - Similar in look and feel to intuitive VCR controls, the new document/transcript controls allow you to walk the jury through a multi-page document, lengthy transcript, or video with ease. These optional controls remain hidden until you choose them as your navigation method.

  • Sort Exhibits - When looking for an exhibit within a Workbook, you can now quickly sort by Document ID, Exhibit ID, or Trial Exhibit ID.

  • Tree View - Now you can see your Workbook in either the flat folder view or in the new tree view for a hierarchical look at your case evidence.

  • Expanded Detached Toolbar - When you detach the Presentation Toolbar (for use in dual screens), you now have the option to toggle between two different types of detached toolbars; the standard toolbar and the expanded toolbar. The new expanded toolbar contains all of your presentation tools in an easy-to-view palette.

  • Consecutive View of Document/Transcript Between Page Breaks - Need to reference a deponent’s answer or paragraph in a document that goes on to a second page? Now you can display that information across multiple pages without having to flip back and forth between single page

  • views.

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